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1. Can an Attorney be an overseas family member or friend? YES, the Donor (the person making the LPA) can appoint anybody they choose so long as they are over 18, of sound mind and not a bankrupt. 2. My mother is physically unable to sign an LPA, what can we do? If your mother (the Donor) is unable to sign but fully understands the significance of her actions it is possible to complete appropriate documentation that would allow the lead Attorney to sign on her behalf. 3. How long does it take to register an LPA? The timescale for submitting the completed LPA application forms through to the return of the registered LPA documentation takes approximately 9 (nine) weeks. 4. My father has lost mental capacity and hasn’t made an LPA, what can we do? It would be necessary to apply to the courts (Court of Protection) asking them to appoint a Deputy who can make decisions on your father’s behalf. A Deputy is usually a family member or close friend. If there is no one suitable or willing to act as a Deputy, the Court of Protection will appoint a local solicitor instead. Either way dealing with the Court of Protection will be extremely time consuming and very expensive.